Welcome to The cake is a lie.

Here you will find my own made Portal 2 maps. Besides that I will be reviewing community maps. Feel free to contact me about any comment. If you think your map should be spotlighted here, please contact me.

I wont just be playing the communty maps. I will try to judge them from a fair point of view and give them a propper review with screenshots and all.

Stay tuned! The cake is a lie will be updated soon with more and more content!

/ Mediaburn //

// News 10 - 06 - 2011

Hello fellow portal sientists. The cake is a lie is going to fire off with a lil community collabration project. I want 10 (or more) of the best maps made by the community and make them into a community mappack. Therefore Tcial is asking the community to join in. The 10 best maps will be placed in the community mappack. Besides the maps Tcial also needs people for a few other things.

- A map linker (someone who makes all the maps connected trough lifts)
- Alpha/beta testers
- Judges

If more than 10 people are intrested. I will work out the details and make sure the cube starts rollin'.

/ Mediaburn //